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Tournament  Rules

* will be updated for 2024


Locations:  313 E 27th Street, Scottsbluff Ne

Main Contact:  Theresa Fox 307.534.6168



  • Pool Play will begin on Friday and go into Saturday due to # of teams registered – DOUBLE elimination tourney on Sunday.

  • Coaches need to report scores to 307.534.6168

  • Tournament brackets and scores will be posted on Tourney Machine.

  • Each team is responsible for cleaning up the dugout area after each game.

  • Coaches start your clocks with the umpires at the coin toss. Home plate umpire is the official clock.


  • Pool play - 7 innings or 75 minutes (drop dead) whichever comes first.

  • Bracket play – no new inning will start with 5 minutes or less on the clock. 

  • 7 runs per inning max (10U division rule ONLY).  This includes all pool and bracket play.

  • Tiebreaker system:  Pool games MAY end in a tie.  Bracket games are decided by the USA rules.

  • A tie in pool play will count as neither a win or a loss for both teams – it is simply a tie and points are awarded accordingly.

  • Umpire’s decisions are final – no protests.  Coaches are responsible for conduct and sportsmanship of players AND fans.

  • Home team determined by coin flip and is official book. Bracket play will be the higher seed.

  • Due to inclement weather, or other acts of God, a completed game will be: 4 innings or 3 /12 if the home team is ahead. Modifications to schedule will be made to get in as many games as possible.

  • One minute warm-up for infielder/outfields after the first inning.

  • Open lineup.  Teams may bat entire lineup. USA rules apply for bracket play



  • 12 runs after 3 innings

  • 10 runs after 4 innings

  • 8 runs after 5 innings



Pool play results will determine seeding into Sunday’s DOUBLE elimination tournament.  In the event of a tie in pool play, seeding will be based on the following.

  • Win/Loss record

  • Head-to-head

  • Runs Allowed

  • Runs Scored (max of 15 runs per game)

  • Coin flip

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